How to have a pleasant airport and flight experience.

1.  Carry-on a white garment bag that is clearly marked with the name, logo, and/or insignia of a widely known bridal dress shop.

The end. 

I have never had such a pleasant TSA experience as the time I carried my wedding dress through security.  The agents were downright NICE.  And POLITE.  They asked about the wedding deets.  They had me ID the groom and then congratulated him. 

I am tempted to pack regular clothes in the bridal garment bag from now on when traveling through airport security.  Except I think they’d catch on and then probably be even ruder than normal.  Maybe I should take the wedding dress everywhere I go. 

I should just quit while I’m ahead. 

Southwest Airlines (who in general has pretty good customer service to begin with) also went above and beyond for said wedding dress. 

Flight #1:  Flight attendent saw the bag, instructed me to place it an empty bin, and close the bin.  That was it.  My dress had a bin all to itself. 

Flight #2:  The dress shared a bin with another hanging garment bag.  They got along just fine.  At one point a guy opened the bin, saw that there was plenty of room, and began shoving the dress to one side, balling it up.  I simply squeaked (it wasn’t even a gasp) and watched in horror.  A family friend who was traveling with us looked at the guy and said, “DON’T touch the dress.”  You would have thought she’d said there was a snake in that bin.  He jumped back, flattened the garment bag, and said, “I’m so sorry!  I thought it was a pillow!” 

We let him live. 

On both flights, the flight attendants introduced us as “special passengers”, and everyone cheered.  Of course, on each of those flights about 20 of the total were en route to our wedding, so naturally we made our presence known as a group. 

Stay tuned for more details about travel day.  It’s quite a trek from the Southwest to a little island off the coast of Washington!  Air, road, and sea – quite literally. 

Have you had a wedding-dress-kind-of-pleasant travel experience? 


14 thoughts on “How to have a pleasant airport and flight experience.

  1. I’m SO so glad you had a pleasant flight experience. I feel like so rarely happens anymore. I always end up getting patted down or yelled at by one of the TSA people, no matter what. Now I know I can just take my wedding gown with me next time. ;-)

  2. who in the world carries a long flat “pillow” in a bridal garment bag?? So glad you and your dress had a VIP experience while flying. I´ve seen brides flying with their dresses before in Norway, and they always get special treatment, the bride AND the dress that is. Can´t wait to see the dress though! But I know, I know, I have to be patient…. But still, I´m like a little girl when it comes to bridal gowns, I just adooore them!

  3. My wedding dress is just sitting up in my closet, preserved. Maybe I should start taking it along with me on all my flights! Then again, maybe not. I gasped when I read about that guy shoving your gown out of the way. Yikes!! Glad it all went so smoothly.

  4. How fun! Hmmm…I’m thinking I should try this at least once (even though I’ve been married for 51/2 years)…you know, just for the experience. :)

  5. It was quite a treat to watch the dress board each plane, it’s approach was anticipated and the flight crew crowded forward as it moved down the final curve of the walkway, it was then placed in an overhead and the doors were closed with finality. Then body guards were stationed at a variety of positions, trying not to look obvious, but still very aware and alert, ready to move forward to ward off any unwanted advances by unaware assailants. All that was missing were the weapons (unaccepable on the plane) and the sunglasses to make the picture complete.

  6. Haha! I’ve had such bad experiences with TSA in the past. In fact on our honeymoon, TSA cut open my toiletries bag and then uncapped my conditioner and lotion and didn’t put the lids back on. All the clothes at the bottom of my suitcase were covered in lotion and conditioner. It was so gross! Next time I need to just travel with my wedding dress. ;)

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