Goin’ to the Chapel – Engagement pictures.

Last October, Neighbor was sweet enough to take engagement pictures for Kevin and I. 

My oh my – how time flies.

With the wedding just a couple of weeks away, there are a lot of little details to tie up. I keep thinking of lists I need to make.  There’s a list of lists. 

But I digress. 

Any time I start to get overwhelmed (seating charts!  paying vendors!  vows!  programs – ceremony & reception!), I remember that at the end of the day, as long as Kevin and I are married (and he’s in charge of all the legality stuff – so that’s totally on him), then it was a success. 

That guy I’m marrying…  He’s sweet.  And caring.  And funny.  And smart.  And we’re going to have adorable babies someday because he’s so handsome. 

He indulges my {repeated} requests for “one more snoooooze” in the mornings.  He finds it cute and endearing when I pace and quote movies (usually romantic comedies).  He narrates the scary parts while I cover my eyes with my hands when we’re watching TV.  He sits, quietly minding his own business, when I announce, “I’m cranky,” until I’ve cheered up. He organizes his closet by color.  He parks close to the cart corral at the grocery store. 

I always have such a good time when I’m with him.  It doesn’t matter if we’re off on some adventure or sitting at home on the couch…it’s my favorite place if he’s there. 

And he’s marrying me.  How in the world did I manage that? 

Misc Pictures 002

Misc Pictures 005

Misc Pictures 007

Misc Pictures 025

Misc Pictures 011

Misc Pictures 023

Misc Pictures 026

Misc Pictures 020

Misc Pictures 031

EP 4

Aren’t these pictures amazing?  Shawna (Neighbor) did such a great job.  She has real talent, that girl.  Thanks, Neighbor, for taking such good care of me. 

Do you believe in soul mates? 


9 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Chapel – Engagement pictures.

  1. Because you are precious and adorable and sweet and kind and beautiful. That is how. You guys should be in a magazine! Good job models and photographer!

  2. I think you just wrote this so you have something to read on days when he’s completely annoying the crap out of you. hahaha. Kidding! I love love. And weddings. And marriage. You guys are freakin adorable (and you’re right, dude is HAND.SOOOOME). These are exciting times!!

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