Photo Friday Flashback. – Face Paint in Shenzhen.

Face Paint

My position at the InterContinental Shenzhen was formally titled, “Front Office Management Trainee.”  Really, that just meant that I got to work in all the front office departments and attend countless fun dinners and group outings during the non-working hours.  Departments included Reception Desk, Concierge, Guest Relations Officer, and Club Floor Rep.

This picture was taken during my time with the Concierge folks.  That’s me, Steven, Leon, and Toby, front and center in the white shirt.  There was a group outing after work one day for those of us who weren’t on duty.  Like little kids on a field trip, we gathered excitedly near the staff entrance, chattering in Mandarin and slow, deliberate English.  I was the only “foreigner” on the adventure that day, which made me quite popular.  In a herd, we made our way to the nearby metro and piled on, excited to arrive at the Brazilian restaurant that had been chosen as a dinner venue.

The Chieftain  was the restaurant name and it was very cool.  Well decorated with delicious meats carved table side.  And they offered face painting.  Which was awesome.

One of my favorite memories from the evening was sitting across from my friend Nick.  The restaurant offered the option of chopsticks or knife and fork.  Nick picked up his fork, looked at me, and said, “I will not use chopsticks.  I want you to be proud to sit with me, so I will use the fork.”  It was very sweet, and I was very proud to sit with him!

After dinner, we moved our full bellies slowly back to the metro, traveled underground across the city, and stopped in at the hotel to show the poor few who were on duty our fun faces.  I’m pretty sure we brought them food “da bao” {take away}, so at least they did get a taste of the adventure.

Face painting – something you enjoy even as an adult?  Have you eaten at a Brazilian restaurant?  And please rate your chopstick skills – are you adept? 


5 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Face Paint in Shenzhen.

  1. Cute story ;) How’s your Mandarin?

    I’ll pass on face painting; I don’t like to be messy. I know I know, I am not in touch with my inner child! I’ve never eaten at a Brazilian restaurant but my Dad’s wife is from Brazil so I suppose some day I will! And I guess she may have made a few things at home that were Brazilian so that counts for somethin. And chopstick skills… umm I can usually get the food into my mouth but it isn’t pretty. Can you picture that? Yeah, you’re welcome ;)

    Have an excellent weekend!

  2. I’m terrible with chopsticks, but I try anyway. I would be an embarrassment to anyone that used them daily. HA! What a fun place to work. Face painting is ALWAYS cool.

  3. Did you use a fork that night as well? Face painting – I haven’t had an opportunity as an adult but I would definitely do it! Chopstick skills: Let’s just say I’d be thinner if I switched to them.

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