My weekends have been long and work has been keeping me so busy that I really only have time for Sweekend and Photo Friday Flashback posts.  Bookends for the week, I suppose. 


We caught a (ridiculously early) flight to Denver and some lovely friends picked K and I up at the airport to make the drive up to Estes Park, CO. 


The rehearsal brunch was a fabulous and delicious way to start off the week of festivities.  It was at a cute place named Stone Cup  & Kitchen in Lyons, CO.  The hot chocolate was divine…as was the sun – warming up the table we snagged.


The rehearsal went off without a hitch (but it was chilly – we were all shivering in our boots and I was beginning to feel apprehension for the poor bridesmaids who would be clothed only in their short, sleeveless dresses). And then it was time for dinner.  Poppy’s in Estes Park.  Melt in your mouth pizza and good company – it doesn’t get any better than that.



Wedding day!  I had a lovely relaxing morning while the wedding party was bustling around decorating and getting all prettified and handsomefied.  Being without a car, I caught the Estes Park taxi (singular – pretty sure there’s just one) to a nail place to get a manicure.  That was an adventure.  He (the driver) must not go for regular mani’s because we drove around for a good ten minutes looking for the place.  He was reasonable though and charged a flat rate.  And my nails look lovely, so all’s well that ends with pretty polish. 

Then it was wedding time! 

I found myself a groomsman, handing out little bags of lavender.  He was so cute, I decided to take a picture with him.


The wedding ceremony was lovely.  Held at Della Terra Chateau, the setting was simply breathtaking.  The venue provided blankets and cushion-y seats for the stone benches; the sun flirted with the pine trees, rays kissing the snow like crystals.  The bride looked gorgeous; the groom was teary-eyed.  Really it was everything a wedding should be.


The reception hall was decorated beautifully – peacock feathers and a roarin’ ’20’s kind of theme.  The bride and groom did a fancy Fred-Astaire-and-Ginger-Rogers style dance, with Fred and Ginger themselves dancing on the TV monitors overhead.  Good food, fun music, and even a guy drawing caricatures of the wedding guests. 


A good time was had by all – but we passed on the post-reception karaoke!  Blame it on the high elevation. 


Kelly and Nelson dropped K and I in Denver, where we met up with his parents for some family and doodle time.  This face —-> pretty precious!


We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Chop House.  Housed in the former Union Pacific Railroad station, the building is strong and brick, the ambiance is cozy yet indicative of speak-easy times, and the food is out of this world delicious.



I can sum up Saturday in just a few words:  sleeping in, shopping ’til I was ready for a nap, and then a flight home. 


Kiki and Flo welcomed us back with plenty of snuggles.



A whole lotta catching up.  I made wheat bread, unpacked, did laundry, took a nap, wrote thank you notes, went to the grocery store, and inhaled a smoked potato with pulled pork, butter, sour cream, and cheese.  Yeah.  What was it I said a couple of weeks ago about wanting to eat better?  Guess how that’s working out for me!

What made your weekend sweet? 


7 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. I love weddings! GAH! I am going to a gay wedding this summer..my first one and I am so excited haha. I love that last picture..men and cats are amazing together.

  2. Your “weekend” was five days so I think that counts as more than one post! ;) And what a super fun weekend it was. I love your green coat, by the way!

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