Photo Friday Flashback. – Calf Fry 2010.

Fab Four Dancing

Each year in Stillwater, the last weekend in April, there’s an event.  A big event.  It’s called “Calf Fry”.  I won’t get into the calf fry part today.  What you really need to know is that it’s an outdoor concert.  Thousands pour into the grassy lot behind the Tumbleweed for the show.  College girls shivering in little short-shorts (because a cold snap always seems to hit on this particular weekend of the year) and guys in cowboy hats and ball caps,  holding pitchers of beer in their sticky fingers, foamy beverage sloshing over the side.

I joined the herds for at least one evening (it lasts anywhere from two to four nights) each year I lived in Stillwater.  But this picture was taken after college.  It was April of 2010 and the girls (from L to R – Lyndse, Sara, and Tiffany) and I met up in Tulsa to celebrate Sara’s birthday.  (That’s another Photo Friday Flashback post in itself.)  And then we made our way to Stillwater to pretend like we were in college again.  We started out the evening at the other Amy’s house, where we showed off our best synchronized dance moves.  See above.

I think it looks very Sex and the City.

There are so many memories with these girls.  They are planning to get together this weekend, and while I’m excited that they’ll be united on Calf Fry weekend, I’m also a little sad.  We’re growing up – which is a good thing, but with it comes varying schedules and priorities.

Oh and even though the girls will be in the vicinity of Calf Fry, they aren’t going.  See what I mean?  Grown ups.

Now for old times’ sake – say it with me, ladies – ONE TWO THREE FOUR….


4 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Calf Fry 2010.

  1. I love this. One of my favorite pictures of us. We are growing up…..thankfully we can do it together, even if we’re not all covered in beer and freezing at Calf Fry!

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