Sweekend – Gossip Girl style. 

Hi there, Desert Girl bloggy followers.  It’s me – A Desert Girl.  Coming to you with a sweekend update that’s both sweet and scandalous.  That’s right – it was bachelorette party weekend. 


Spotted at St. Clair’s Winery & Bistro:  fourteen fabulous ladies in a perfectly decorated room.  White paper puff-ball banners, damask black and white spirals, sparkly confetti, and even a white wedding dress at the guest of honor’s spot.  We hear that the hottie (literally – she lives in Phoenix and is a Bikram yoga lover) from Arizona was responsible for the classy decor. 

And who was responsible for the thoughtful and oh-so-cute gifts {a personalized bottle of Moscato to be opened on the bachelorette’s five-year wedding anniversary and an enormous bottle full of personalized messages to be read on the wedding weekend?}?  Well, sources say it was a group effort and the creativity credit goes to the sweet five-foot-and-rising-mama-of-two. 


The night was filled with friends, wine, delicious food, and plenty of laughter. 


Who better to coordinate the logistics of the weekend than a recently relocated attorney.  How does she juggle bachelorette party planning, half-marathon running, relocation, a long-distance relationship, and touring eastern Europe – all within a four-week span?  Sources are searching high and low for an answer to that one!


Spotted: the bachelorette party traveling north by train the following morning. 



Destination:  Santa Fe. 

First stop:  a used book store. 


This just in —> wild ladies

But a girl’s gotta eat.  And eat they did.  Tomasita’s for lunch. 


With plenty of margaritas.  Rumor has it – the pretty and witty blonde from southern Oklahoma ordered a half-liter margarita and the sassy redhead from Texas found The Frogg drink to be just as she likes her men – strong. 


A girl also needs a respectable place to lay her head at the end of a long night, so the ladies checked into their hotel rooms and split up to enjoy the afternoon.  Sources spotted these twelve ladies scattered about Santa Fe – shopping for shoes and jewelry and jeans, scouting out the progressive dinner venues, and praying in the cathedral.  One gorgeous blonde even found herself a Romeo. 


More than one of them were wishing they’d packed warmer clothes when the snow flakes began to fall. Fortunately, these ladies are tough and a little nip to the wind wasn’t going to stand in their way. 


The lingerie part of the party was locked away from prying eyes, but we have inside sources who report a generous mix of sweet, comfy, sexy, and downright scandal.  The groom will have no complaints. 

Spotted:  the fabulous twelvesome in the hotel lobby.


Drinks and appetizers on the roof of Coyote Cantina.  Our lovely ladies shivered in the cool air as they washed down calamari, hot wings, chips, three types of salsa, and guacamole with watermelon mojitos, pina coladas, and Rockstars {strawberry infused vodka served up in a martini glass with Pop Rock candy coating the rim}.  Overheard as the group was exiting the premises en route  to the dinner stop:  Lord have mercy, look at them!    Amen, stranger, amen. 

The ladies were spotted winding their way through the plaza to The Shed for dinner.  More drinks and delicious food followed.  The conversation was all over the place – from a little magic yellow book {which is MIA – much to the dismay of many} to having babies, with everything in between.  It was warm, the drinks kept coming, and everyone was feeling full and happy.  As they were leaving the restaurant, our sources say they were mistaken for a group of teenagers on their way to prom.  Quite flattering, considering a good number of them are in the ten-year high school reunion stage of life. 


Final stop in the progressive dinner tour:  The Pink Adobe.  The boisterous group was tucked away and had a room all to themselves with a roaring fire.  Service = amazing.  Dessert menu = out of this world delicious.  Waiter = shy and terrified of twelve hot gals.  Drink menu = comprehensive and expensive {not that these girls allowed the latter to slow them down}. 

A few questions are swirling through the gossip mill….  Which lovely lady brought the room to tears when everyone started telling their favorite stories about the bachelorette?  {Clue:  there’s more than one right answer.}


What hottie did a sexy little shimmy in the door of the room?  Who had the hiccups and became known as “The Repeater” (because she was, you know, repeating herself)? 


Who took a safety first approach and blew out all the candles in the room?  And who is truly responsible for bringing the impromptu, amateur “strippers” into the mix? 

I’ll never tell.  

Multiple sources tracked the bachelorette party proceedings back to the hotel that evening.  Apparently, the volume was up and they were easy to track. 


Another stop (horrid little place called “Cowgirl”) was considered, but the inept service would have put a damper on the evening.

The night went from scandal to sweet in no time at all, and our gorgeous gals were tucked into their hotel beds by 12:30 AM. 


Spotted:  four girls grabbing Starbucks at 9 AM on Sunday morning.  They’re looking a little sleepy this morning.  Must have been a long night.

Spotted:  five girls boarding a train.  The caffeine has kicked in and they’re talking about one of the ultimate girl subjects:  weddings. 

Spotted:  five girls eating salad, drinking water, and recapping the weekend for the groom.

Spotted:  two girls getting pedicures.  Definitely the perfect ending to a bachelorette party weekend. 

By all accounts, it was memorable.  Sweet and scandal, all rolled into one weekend. 

And it turns out – there is cell phone video footage.  Bet that goes into the vault. 


A Desert Girl


9 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. This is hilarious. I love love love the GG-style post. It was perfect. And I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to compete when I write my blog on the weekend. You are amazing and all of the fun and all of the amazing ladies are a testament to that!!

  2. I don’t watch Gossip Girl BUT I loved this post and how much fun you had. Obviously you are very special to many people. I can’t believe your wedding is only a month away!!!

  3. Ahhh-maize-ing-ly written, Desert Girl! You captured every moment beautifully, as expected. You = sweet and a smidge scandal, too…and that’s why we all LOVE YOU!

  4. Oh my goodness, would you believe that I totally heard this in Kristen Bell’s voice?! Ha! I love it! Also, you guys are nearly all blondes! Nearly all my besties are blonde which means I nearly always stand out, haha! It’s weird because blonde is supposed to be less common! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time! :)

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