Photo Friday Flashback. – Hong Kong Disney.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Back in February or March of 2007, Amy, JT, Todd, and I took a day trip from Shenzhen to Hong Kong to visit the Happiest Place on Earth:  Hong Kong Disneyland.  Todd worked at Disney World for a summer while he was in college, and from what I understand, one of the awesome perks is that “cast members” (past and present) can get four tickets into any Disney park.  He was nice enough to take us along as his plus three.

We took the obligatory photos with Mickey and Minnie and in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  We watched the parade wind its way down Main Street.  And we rode the rides.  The “scariest” ride option in the park was Space Mountain.  Which was fine by me.

Confession:  I’m a sissy when it comes to roller coasters and I spent the majority of that ride (twice) white knuckled with my eyes closed.

We rode the Dumbo ride and teacups and visited the Swiss Family Treehouse.  Or maybe it was Tarzan’s treehouse….  I know there was a treehouse.  We stayed for the fireworks, which was really a pretty display.

The park was smaller than Disneyland, which I’d been to several times in California, and of course MUCH smaller than Disney World.  That didn’t matter though.  It was a really fun day.  The four of us usually had a great time together as we were all pretty laid back and easy-going in our adventures.

Have you been to any of the Disney parks?  And – roller coasters:  love them or loathe them?


7 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Hong Kong Disney.

  1. That’s funny you closed your eyes on Space Mountain, it’s so dark you can barely see anyway! I am obsessed with all things Disney and would KILL to go to a park in a different country. I have been to Disneyland and Disneyworld in the where else yet!! Awesome throwback!

  2. I do not like roller coasters, and I was just as nervous (if not more so) on Space Mountain. I have been to Disney in Orlando several times, but I have not had the opportunity to visit any of the other parks. How amazing that you got to experience the magic in Hong Kong!!

  3. I went to Disney World in 8th grade. My husband has never been so I look forward to sharing that experience with him and my son one day. :)

    I don’t like coasters that go upside down. Otherwise I’m good! ;)

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love roller coasters. My hubby and I actually have talked about doing a road trip where we would hit the five best coasters in America. Now we’ll have to wait until the kids are older. But I also really value my friends who hate roller coasters – you need someone to hold the purses and cameras and stuff while the coaster lovers go on the ride.

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