Current obsessions & thankful Thursdays.

These are my current obsessions.  Which, naturally, I am quite thankful for, and will therefore link up with Julia to share. 

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Starbucks hot chocolate with a shot of espresso.  I’m a gateway-coffee drinker.  The vanilla lattes, etc.  Hot chocolate with a shot of espresso gives me the perfect jolt of caffeine with plenty of chocolatey goodness to make it go down real smooth like.  It’s not a mocha, even though the Starbucks people will sometimes try to convince you it is.  This is sweeter.  And if I’m feeling particularly naughty, I’ll have them add a little peppermint syrup.  Tastes like Christmas.


Lace.  So feminine.  So delicate.  But in so many fun colors to push it over the edge to complete awesomeness. 


This song by King George. 

Maybe it’s just because I saw him live and in person recently on his “Cowboy Rides Away,” final tour {could there BE a more PERFECT name for a final tour?}.  But I have this song playing in my head pretty much nonstop.  Oh Georgie.  He really is the King of Country.

Warm weather.  The grass is green, the leaves are showing their gorgeous little green selves, and flowers are blossoming.  And it’s just the beginning.


Homemade bread.  I recently made an impulse purchase.  A bread machine.  Neighbor has one and she shared a piece of the delicious bread with me one time.  And then I wanted to be just like her, so I bought a bread machine.  The first loaf tasted fine, but it fell when baking so it wasn’t very attractive.  The second – um, no – not edible.  Third time’s a charm though!  I used this recipe:  The machine made the dough and then I said thankyouverymuch, put it in a bread pan, and baked it in the oven.  It tastes mmm-mmm good and it looks pretty too!


What are your current obsessions?  And/or what are you thankful for today?  Oh – and any bread machine bread recipes I should try?


6 thoughts on “Current obsessions & thankful Thursdays.

  1. New follower from Thankful Thursday link-up.

    I just love Starbucks and I’m envious of your bread maker. I’ve been wanting one for forever. I’m just going to have to break down and get one. ;)

  2. homemade sandwich bread that I made today, soo yummy.. We´ve eaten like, an entire bread… It was part of dinner though.. just sayin.. :-P Other than that I´m obsessed with thinking about spring which never seems to get here, it`s just foggy and rainy:-( , and I´ve become slightly addicted to cinnamon rolls. I agree with you, hot chocolate with an espresso shot is NOT mocha! Mocha is a latte with chocolate syrup, with definitely more coffee taste than sweet chocolate.

  3. My current obsession is greek yogurt…it has been for a while actually. But I’m sort of heading towards the soy yogurt direction now…:P

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