Why, yes, this is a weekend update on a Thursday.  Some weekends require a few days of recovery and recuperation before they can be reflected upon. 

Or I’ve been busy.  Whatev. 


And yes, this weekend post commences with an event from last Thursday. 

In college, I would occasionally throw “surprise” parties for Tiffany.  Except she always knew about them.  But no one knew that she knew.  {Friends, anyone?  “They don’t know that we know they know we know!”}


But last Thursday, she was actually surprised by the going away party that I and a very valuable team put together.  She thought she was just going to dinner with K and I.  Then we walk into the restaurant lobby (where a random assortment of her friends were waiting), and she says, “Hey!  I know everyone in here.”  It was pretty funny. 



I worked.  Blah, blah, blah.

And THEN – we went to see Martina McBride and George Strait perform.  Georgie (he would totally be cool with me calling him Georgie, I’m certain) is on his final tour.  The cowboy is riding away. 


Martina did an excellent job as the opener.  She is a tiny little thing but has a powerful set of lungs. 


Then it was time for the King of Country.  He’s just so stinkin’ cute.  Standing or sitting in one spot, with his guitar.  Maybe moving to one side of the stage or the other every so often (calm down there, George – don’t get too crazy on us).


And he packs any venue lucky enough to have him.  It’s amazing.  That’s his job.  Just another day at the office. 


Amazing concert.  So, so good.  There were several fights though.  {Seriously – who fights at a George Strait concert??  Take it outside, people.  The King is performing.}  It ended at like midnight though, so I had turned into a complete pumpkin and was cr-ank-y by the end. 


An amazing friend threw me a bridal brunch shower on Saturday morning. 



The food and decorations and setting were all top-notch…just like the hostess. She is so classy and sweet, and I am so blessed to have her as a friend. 


There was a wonderful turnout and I think (and hope) that everyone had a nice time.  I know I did.  The generosity and love were overwhelming.  K and I are so spoiled.


After the brunch, I met up with my dear friend Derek to see Oz.  Derek and I are theatre buddies and our all-time favorite is Wicked.  So of course we had to go see the latest tale about the magical land.  In 3D.  The 3D effects were amazing.  I thought the casting was terrific.  In my opinion, the Wicked story is better.  But I’m a little obsessed with Elphaba and Glinda (“the ‘ga’ is silent”), so there ya go. 


I was on the porch at 7:30 AM when Tiffany came by to pick me up.  Road trip!  I begged and pleaded and she stopped at Starbucks on the way out-of-town, where I got a little caffeine to keep me alivealertawakeenthusiastic for the drive. 

And drive we did.  Well – she did.  I rode shotgun.  Snappin’ photographs of antelope in New Mexico.  And the green, green grass in Texas. 


And the ice cream. 


We stopped in Amarillo to meet up with a friend of Tiff’s and my sister.  We stopped for Braum’s in some town I don’t recall.  We almost got lost at one point.  But almost doesn’t count except in horseshoes and hand grenades.  And we grabbed a bite to eat in Waco with some friends from college. Cracker Barrel.  Hashbrown casserole, roast beef, gravy, corn, and fried okra was exactly what I needed after sitting on my booty all day. 

Then we arrived at her new casa!


After ooo’ing and ahh’ing over the place (it’s a good ‘un!  So perfect for her!), the air mattresses were inflated and we camped in the living room. 


Monday was a day of:

  • bed shopping
  • paint shopping at Home Depot {where I may or may not have snapped, “What’s your point??”, when the kid mixing the paint gave us attitude}
  • driving around campus
  • eating at FreeBird (fun place)
  • picking up Kristin at the airport
  • greeting Tiff’s aunt who drove in to lead the paint crew
  • chillaxin’ and chattin’
  • going to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat and watch the championship basketball game
  • painting late into the night 


Tiffany’s sweet aunt had stayed home from BWW to get started on the painting.  When she found out that between Kristin, Tiffany, and myself we had only painted a total of one time, I think she was ready to get us out of her hair so she could just buckle down and get the job done! 


Tiffany let me sleep for as late as possible before risking the wrath of Amy-in-the-morning and waking the witch.  I’m simply not a morning person.  Evidenced by the following exchange as I was throwing my hair in a ponytail.

Tiff: Good morning, sunshine.

Amy:  Erhah.  *Grunt* 

I managed to cheer up relatively quickly, told Kristin and Aunt Elaine bye, and we hit the road once again.  Shorter drive this time.  Tiffany dropped me at the airport in Austin.  Which has this awesome little taco bar.  YUM-O. 

Flights went well and I was greeted by COLD, RAINY weather when I arrived home.  And a sweet, handsome chauffeur, which more than made up for the return of winter. 

It was such a fun weekend.  All 6 days of it.

Now, so many questions for you. 

What’s the best concert you’ve attended?  Or your dream concert? 

Do you like parties thrown in your honor?  (I ask because it totally stresses me out to be the guest-of-honor.  I left the bridal brunch with a headache because I’m simply not GOOD at being the center of attention.)

Longest road trip you’ve taken?

Are you a morning person?

And finally, please inspire me to start eating healthier.  I can’t live on a diet of Cracker Barrel and Buffalo Wild Wings (did I mention I ate fried pickles AND potato wedges with cheese AND boneless wings?) for much longer.  I feel like a blimp.


8 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. wow, your weekend sounds great! hm.. longest roadtrip must be Barcelona – Northern Norway, best concert was that hip hop concert I went to a month ago, and I`m definitely not a morning person..

  2. Awesome weekend. Lovin it. And I love that you and Tiff are such good friends. That is something to cherish.

    Answers to your questions: Best concert – Dashboard Confessional sing alongs. Dream concert – Garth Brooks. (Wasn’t it Georgie who sang with Garth at the CMAs last weekend? Actually you probably missed it because you were away). Parties in my honor – despise. Road tip – only 12 hours, PA to GA. Morning person – hellz no. Eating healthier – um, you’ll feel better? That’s the best and only motivation I’ve got ;)

  3. The bridal shower is all so cute! Funny that you said that you don’t like being the center of attention at parties for you… my husband is the exact same way. I’m the opposite, though. I love being the center of attention. ;)

    Too bad about the fights at the concert. I’ve been to lots of country concerts, but never one where a fight broke out. Not cool.

  4. Beautiful shower and awesome weekend! I love it when I make the most of my time away from work, and you sure know how to do that. Also, great pictures, as always!!


    Favorite concert–Dave Matthews Band
    Dream concert–Mumford + Sons and also, The Beatles (more like a fantasy, right????)

    I do and don’t like parties thrown in my honor. It is fun to be celebrated, but it makes me waaaaay too nervous. I feel so much pressure when I know I am going to be (or might be) a guest of honor.

    Mike and I did a series of long road trips around the American Southwest. It was one of the most amazing trips of my life. I don’t always love road trips, but that one was truly the best.


    You are NOT a blimp! You are beautiful. Just drink a lot of water, and you’ll be fine (in my non-expert, i-know-nothing-about-health-and-once-ate-cheetos-every-day-for-lunch opinion).

  5. Ooo! Fun times. You know a true friend because you can sit in the car together for hours and just…be. Answers to your questions:

    What’s the best concert you’ve attended? It’s a tie between Eminem and Tori Amos.

    Do you like parties thrown in your honor? I’m with you on this one. I leave feeling like I need a nap and my face hurts from forcing the smile on my face.

    Longest road trip you’ve taken? This is an easy one. Kansas to Phoenix-twice in a month. About 24 hours door to door. It’s way more fun when you have a friend in the passenger seat (or a Persian cat in my case).

    Are you a morning person? What? I’m to grumpy to answer that right now.

    And finally, please inspire me to start eating healthier. It’s all about moderation (sweet and a smidge scandal when in need of comfort food. Oh, and road trips don’t count.)

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