Tiff and I have been on countless roadtrips together.  A few for FFA and 4-H trips when we were in high school.  Back and forth from our hometown to Stillwater during college.  To weddings in the middle of nowhere.  We would analyze life.  Boys.  Music.  School.  The past.  The future.  A used edition of Sex for Dummies {it was a traditional wedding gift among our guy friends}. Anything was game on these drives. 

One time I thought I was having a heart attack {does anyone else ever get a little bubble in their chest?} and we stopped at the ER in Clinton, Oklahoma.  Another time I drove like 45 miles an hour on the interstate because there was a tiny bit of snow and Tiff had just wrecked her truck on black ice in Kansas so we were both terrified and overly cautious.  On one seemingly endless drive we honked the horn at every mile marker just to combat boredom. Thirst got the best of me and I chugged orange juice from the carton while cruising on I-40. 

OJ on I 40

And once we were stranded at a friend’s house in Stillwater because the car randomly wouldn’t start. 

Misc Pictures 022

Hood up. Like we know what we’re looking for.

A mechanic friend recommended that we "listen" to the gas tank.  Seemed like a practical idea...

A mechanic friend recommended that we “listen” to the gas tank. Seemed practical…

"Hmm, yes.  The engine appears to still be in the car."

“Hmm, yes. The engine appears to still be in the car.”

In tribute to the past, we’re making a roadtrip this weekend from the city we reside in to the city she’s moving to in Texas.  I’m armed with old mixed CD’s and a list of topics for us to cover.  No Sex for Dummies though.  I mean, we’re way too mature for that now. 

Do you like roadtrips? 


8 thoughts on “Roadtrip.

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! You guys have a blast and enjoy each other.

    Please excuse typing errors as this message was sent from my iPhone.

  2. love `em! I grew up in the North, so when I was a child, my family used to take roadtrips over to Sweden or down South. A couple of years ago, BF and I lived in another part of the country due to his work, but we missed our friends and family so much that we often went on roadtrips back home, even if it meant we had to drive for 7-8 hours on a Friday, and then back again on Sunday. It was always worth it!

  3. I love this post and I’m so happy that you have a traveling partner!!! I do like road trips….however, my dog just doesn’t provide the conversation that you 2 seem to have……I’m just talking for miles and miles and look over to see that she has dozed off…………again.

  4. “Hood up. Like we know what we’re looking for.” That line totally cracked me up!! Ha, ha. I would do the same thing! Nate and I are hoping to take a road trip in August, and I’m SO excited!!!

  5. Love road trips! Enjoy!

    I have a book series called “If” and each one is filled with hundreds of “If” questions (like “if you were going on a roadtrip with one friend, where would you go and what would you do?” or “if you could have dinner with any person alive or dead, who would it be?”) It’s fun stuff to occupy your time and keep the driver’s brain alert!

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