Photo Friday Flashback. – New Orleans.

New Orleans

Back in 2011, K & I took a trip to New Orleans.  Dare I say, New Orleans has as much scandal as Vegas.  But it’s a kind of southern scandal drawling, “bless your heart,” as it lounges lazily on the front porch, sipping sweet tea.

That’s just my kind of scandal.

Our trip to NOLA was an anniversary – the first anniversary of our first date. So we celebrated in our typical style – naps each afternoon, reading before bed, asleep by midnight…  And  in the midst of all that crazy, we had such a good time exploring parts of the city.  Naturally, we made a few trips to Bourbon Street.  We admired the houses, with their sprawling wrap-around porches and balconies,  from the shade of a street car.  As we walked around one of the above-ground vault cemeteries, I was struck by the history written all over the tombs (and I  resisted the urge to pretend I was Ashley Judd in Double Jeopardy, dashing about, avoiding the bad guy).  We visited the Audubon Aquarium and listened to plenty of jazz.  I stuffed myself with fresh seafood…prepared by master chefs in fancy restaurants and by street food vendors at a festival.  The weather was hot and humid – with a certain sticky quality about it – even in early April.  There were beads hanging limply in the trees branches – reminding me of Mardi Gras in a way that made me feel like I’d actually been there for it.

Such a fun trip and it holds a particular significance because it marked the first time K and I had traveled with just each other.  The trip reinforced how compatible we are in life.  It’s exciting to think of the future and all the trips we’ve yet to take together.

Who is your favorite traveling partner?  Or partners?  Do you like to travel in big groups, with just a few others, or solo?


5 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – New Orleans.

  1. Been to NOLA two or three times and loved it. It’s almost like another country! How was the aquarium??

    I don’t really discriminate when it comes to traveling… although once I had this roommate (a stranger) who slept in a short nighty shirt… with no underwear on. Did I mention the shirt was short? Yeah. Fun stuff for a week long trip. Won’t do that again!

  2. I like these photo flashback posts!:-)
    When I travel I prefer to only travel with one person, either BF or my mom, because I need to travel with someone who has the same habits as I do and knows me. I think travelling in groups would be to stressful for me, always tending to everyones`wants and dislikes.

  3. I love to travel with my boyfriend. We both like to explore and eat similarly! I want to visit NOLA one day! Can I call it NOLA if I’ve never been there!? HA.

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