Shop Your Closet Challenge – March – Week 4

The final week of our March Shop Your Closet Challenge had me dressing in a variety of styles.  That’s right – you’re in for a real treat.  More than just cardigans and hoodies in this post.  You. are. welcome. 

Because I know you’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation…. 


Blinkie is wearing a sweater that was given to me by Shawna (who has the best clothes ever, so I love it when she cleans out her closet) several years ago, Maurices jeggings (also a couple of years old), and Born boots. Also new necklace from ILY.


Blue and white striped shirt from Hollister, maroon tank top from Aeropostale, black skirt from Maurices, tights from F21, socks from Shoes on a Shoestring, black wedge boots by Bamboo. Belt came with a skirt from Ross and the necklace I bought at a thrift shop.


Jeans are American Eagle, shirt from Aeropostale, jacket was given to me by Shawna (do we sense a pattern here with the origin of clothes?), and shoes are from Shoes on a Shoestring. Big red fabric flower was a gift from Lisa and the necklace was purchased at Maurices.


Shirt is from J. Crew, pants are the Minnie pant from J. Crew (which I think I shrunk by laundering at home – they are fine for summer and to wear with boots, but they totally didn’t start out quite so cropped – oops), grey tank top is from Target, and shoes are Bobs from Ideeli. Mint watch (LOVE) is also from Ideeli – brand is BCBG – and the necklace is from H&M.


Blue shirt is from Maurices, maxi skirt is from Ideeli (don’t remember the brand), black ballet flats by Rocketdog are not shown in picture, and grey tank under blue shirt is a cheapie from Target. Black necklace is from Target, earrings are H&M, and the watch is Fossil.

In April, Neighbor and I are going to do one outfit a week that is built around a Pinterest inspiration photo.  Just one a week.  The rest of the week, I’ll be the one in the jeans and hoodie (you know it’s true). 

Where you do get your inspiration for outfits?  Do you follow trends? 


9 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet Challenge – March – Week 4

  1. If you were not my best friend, I would hate you because you are so freaking adorable. I agree with Jessie, these are my favorite outfits.

    Oh, and I think that the bubble necklace was created for you. Seriously, like fashion said, “You know that Amy girl? Let’s create a trend just for her.”

  2. I must admit that lately, I have NOT been one for a fashion inspiration haha. My clothes are race shirts, leggings, workout clothes, and anything in between. YIKES! I love these outfits as always!

  3. I get my inspiration for outfits lately based on what is clean. And I might follow trends if I knew what they were at any given moment but I’m extremely out of touch I think.

    I really love your Thursday outfit here, and the rest of them are great too!

  4. Your clothes are so cute (and so are you)! I know this is probably supposed to inspire me to shop my closet, but instead, it is just making me want to SHOP! Well done!!

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