Happy belated Easter to you! 

My weekend was glass-completely-full of family, food, and friends. 


Having procrastinated, I prepared the Chinese Chicken salad (which has nothing to do with Easter but is a family favorite) and tortellini casserole (which I found on Pinterest – naturally) early in the morning.  My sister and mom arrived at around 9:30, and Lisa and I then went shopping for her bridesmaid dress (she found a lovely one, btw). 

Then we headed to my cousin’s house for an early Easter celebration.  I have a pretty large extended family (10 first cousins on my mom’s side + me and Lisa) and it is tradition to get together each Easter and Thanksgiving.  My mom, her sister, and her two brothers and all of their spouses have done a great job of ensuring that we cousins grow up close and recognize the blessing we have in our family. 





There are about nine years between the oldest (me) and the youngest, with ten “kids” in between us.  Of course as we age it becomes more difficult to get everyone together at once.  This year 11 of the 12 of us were able to be there, which was really awesome.  Over the years, significant others have been added to the mix and now there are eight adorable little wee ones running about, with a few more expected over the next year! 

Watching the next generation hunt Easter eggs is so entertaining.  I love that they will (hopefully) grow up as close as my generation did.



Then there was a self-induced food coma.  Which led to a necessary nap time.  {For me.  Not the kids.}  K and I took dinner to my great-aunt, read, and watched some TV. 


On Sunday morning I slept in, read, chillaxed, and then K and I met my friend, Candy, at a local restaurant for lunch.  It was so good – crab cake eggs Benedict…oh yes. 

We went to the pet store (closed) and Target (closed) and the grocery store (open).  Napped.  Watched some basketball.  Went to my cousin Bob and his wife Meta’s house for dinner with my great-aunt.  Bob grilled pork chops.  We drank wine and beer and coffee and played with the doodle and the chickens. 


It was one of those perfect evenings.  The kind that make you afraid to talk or even breathe too loud for fear that you’ll scare it away.  Where the weather and the company and the conversation align in an amazing, mystical, out-of-this-world type of perfection.  Even though you know there is pain and suffering and bad out there, you feel thankful and even safe and content. 

It was an Easter kind of feeling. 

And then the weekend was over and it’s back to the routine. 

The weather was beautiful, and I spent plenty of time with family.  I’d say that’s a sweekend. 

Tell me about your Easter weekend.  Was it sweet?


8 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Looks like a great weekend!

    My mom is close with her cousins, and as a result, we have a breat relationship with ours, too. Now my brother just has to hurry up, get married, have kids, and move back to the Northeast, and Jude will be all set.

  2. This sounds like the perfect weekend!!! My Easter was super great too, but I spent it with just immediate family. I love that so many of your family members come together for the holiday. :)

  3. I just love this! It’s so hard to get all my siblings (5 of us) together in one place… I can’t imagine how great it would be to have all of us and our cousins together for holidays! Christopher and I really feel like it is important for our kids to grow up as close to their cousins as possible!

  4. I love that you got such a great picture of Little Miss! It was fun, although I find it a little bittersweet now that I have little ones because I’m so busy with them I don’t have time to just sit and chat anymore, I’m lucky if I get to eat! Not that I’d change a thing, it’s just different. But give it a few years when they all run off together and then we can sit and have a glass of wine and have that perfect alignment you’re talking about.

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