Goin’ to the chapel – pick a dress, any dress…

Trying on wedding dresses was surreal.  I had to keep reminding myself {cue holding my new rock up to catch the light and sparkle like a sun-drenched Cullen} that I had a valid reason to be surrounded by all that poufy-whiteness. 

The first time, I went alone to try on dresses.  I’m easily overwhelmed and didn’t want the added stress of trying to gauge other people’s reactions and calculate how important or not important those reactions (or lack of reactions) were.  It was complex.  So I went, tried on about 20 dresses (total – in like three or four different stores), and narrowed it down to 5.  Then I went back to one store (Alfred Angelo) with Tiffany, Shawna, and my future mother-in-law to try on those 5 dresses once again.  {My mom & sister & other bridesmaid live out of town and couldn’t tag along on the field trip.} 

I thought I’d like the long, flowing, relaxed Grecian-goddess style dress.  But it actually wasn’t my favorite.  Ultimately, these were the top two. 

We call this one "Audrey" (as in Hepburn).

We call this one “Audrey” (as in Hepburn).

And this one is "Grace" (as in Kelly, Princess of Monaco).

And this one is “Grace” (as in Kelly, Princess of Monaco). It does have an awesome open back, which is pictured below.


Thanks to Shawna’s GENIUS suggestion – I chose a dress and no one knows which was the winner.  Total surprise – that’s what I’m going for here. 

My panel of judges was pretty evenly split down the middle. 

Which is your favorite – Grace or Audrey?  If you’ve gone wedding dress shopping, did you find it easy to pick a dress or were you overwhelmed by possibilities? 


14 thoughts on “Goin’ to the chapel – pick a dress, any dress…

  1. You know which one is my favorite. :) I think that when I try on wedding dresses, I’ll be overwhelmed. Similar to looking at houses. Maybe I’ll just try on a couple, tell people what I like and I don’t, and let you future bridesmaids do the rest.

  2. Both fit your body type so well! At first I liked Audrey better but now that I think of it I really like Grace because she has such an amazing backside and because I picture you in lace on your wedding day. But Audrey looks sooooo good on you! They’re both spectacular dresses that will be classics when you’re all old and wrinkly.

    I found it really overwhelming trying to pick just one dress as well, and like you, I ended up drifting to a different style than what I went in for. In the end I think the hard part is just putting aside your old vision of how you imagined yourself looking on your wedding day and realize that God had a much better plan for you.

  3. You look so gorgeous in both of those, Amy!

    I think I’ll get married in jeans and a hoodie. hahaha. Kidding… but dress shopping doesn’t sound fun for me.

  4. I love them both and you’re going to look so amazing no matter what! You have such a pretty back, the Grace is very flattering. The Audrey makes you look statuesque. I can’t wait to see the photos from the big day, I just know you’re going to be a gorgeous bride! I bet your mom is gonna be bawling and Kevin’s jaw is going to hit the ground when you walk down the aisle. :)

    As for me – you know we ran off and got married. Well really, we both had the day off work so we went to the courthouse. But I know picking a wedding dress would have been tough for me. It’s such a big commitment! You’re going to save the photos forever, you’ll show your grandkids. You have to look as wonderful as you feel on that day. And YOU WILL!!!

  5. You look amazing in both! Did you buy one for the church and the other for the reception? Just kidding! Whichever you chose is going to be perfect, and I can’t wait to see which one is “the one”!

  6. I was overwhelmed with all the options/possibilities at first, but I quickly was able to narrow my search based on price and which kinds of dresses fit my body type.

  7. sparkle like a Cullen haha…anyways I love both dresses, great classic looks, they are both very flattering on you. I would say that I like the Audrey better, normally I would say anything Grace for you but something about that Audrey just does it. I do think that the back of the Grace is great, they are both very vintage and fit the look of your wedding (from what I can tell thus far). They will both fit your brooch bouquet.

  8. I’m partial to lace so I’d pick Grace, but Audrey is kind of similar to the dress I wore for my wedding so maybe I should be rooting for that one!
    Either way you’re going to rock that aisle with your glowing bride-y-ness.

  9. Lovely. I love the second. I think I’m going about this dress finding business the wrong way. You clearly had a plan. I think I need to borrow your plan :-)

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