Happy birthday, Sister Lisa!

Lisa on Lamma Island

Lisa on Lamma Island – circa 2007

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She’s 22.  There are six-to-seven years between us, and it seems like that is just enough of a difference to cause us to never be in the same stage of life.  Like all siblings, we fight on occasion.  But there is no one else in this world with whom I can quote The Cutting Edge, A League of Their Own, Little Rascals, Double Jeopardy, and countless other movies. 

Sisters - 2012 (Photo by Shawna)

Sisters – 2012 (Photo by Shawna)

There’s no one else who is prepared to launch into an Elvis/Ann Margaret “The Lady Loves Me” (Viva Las Vegas) duet {I’m Elvis, she’s Ann Margaret} at the drop of a hat. 

Sisters - 2011 (Photo by Shawna)

Sisters – 2011 (Photo by Shawna)

No one else addresses me as “Sister Amy,” like I’m a nun or something.  And there is no one else who loves me in an unconditional, sibling kind of way. 

Sisters - circa 2006

Sisters – circa 2006

She’s successful, funny, smart, and gorgeous.  I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to see where she takes her life.  Because it could be anywhere. 

Crazy girls - V Bar 2006

Crazy girls – V Bar 2006

Happy birthday, Lisa!  I love you!

Jessie and Lisa - 2012

Jessie and Lisa – 2012


11 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Sister Lisa!

  1. Happy birthday to your sister! This is such a sweet post :)

    My sister and I are six years apart, and we love it and hate it. We also fight occasionally, but most of the time the age difference is just enough that we can act each others age sometimes and have fun with it.

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