Photo Friday Flashback. – The Great Wall.

Amy JT Amy at Great Wall

Seeing the Great Wall in person is one of those things that I still can’t believe I’ve actually done.  I mean…it’s THE Great Wall.  Of China.  The history, the culture.  And I’ve been there.  Little ol’ me.  I’d feel similarly if I saw the pyramids in Egypt.  Or the Colosseum.  Or any of the other amazing, famous landmarks that dot our globe.

Amy, JT, and I traveled to Beijing in March of 2007.  One of the highlights was taking (a very expensive) cab ride to the Badaling portion of the Great Wall.  It was amazing.  Majestic.  Massive.  Difficult to hike across when covered with snow and ice.  Armed with our North Fake {knockoff North Face} jackets and impractical shoes {sneakers don’t have much traction on ice – FYI}, we took the little cable car up to the Wall and joined the hordes of people taking in a not-so-little piece of history.  The Great Wall weaved its way across the landscape, as far as the eye could see on that clear, crisp China morning.  Marching on top of the hills, dancing through the trees.  It was overwhelming to think about what went into building it.

Great Wall 1

What wonder of the world – ancient or modern – do you most want to see, live and in person?  If you’ve already checked one or a few off the ol’ bucket list, tell me about your favorite!


6 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – The Great Wall.

  1. So jealous you got to see the Great Wall. But glad you did because now I know it’s longer than the Bay Bridge. :)

    Love this question. So good. I think I’d pick two places. First off, and not surprising, Rome. Everywhere you turned was something you had seen on TV. The Coliseum, The Spanish Steps, St. Peter’s Square, The Sistine Chapel. It was awesome. Second, at least for me, was Notre Dame. Having watched football on tv since I was like 4, it was amazing to see that campus and things like Touchdown Jesus and the Grotto and the stadium in person. I honestly was so excited I was almost in tears.

  2. Amazing and beautiful.

    I don’t know if these count, but the Colosseum really blew me away. I just stood there in awe; in that moment, all my worries and complaints seemed so trivial, so tiny. Likewise, I was so moved by my trip to Antelope Canyon in Page, AZ. It was unforgettable.

  3. I’m so glad you got to see the Great Wall! As for me, I was pretty awed by Broadway and Times Square (remember the Cup O’ Noodles sign?), just the sheer amount of people, everywhere, it blew my mind. The ocean in Mexico when the dolphins migrated right past my grandparent’s house was awesome. I don’t swim, but my husband went swimming with the wild dolphins just a few feet from him – I think that’s on a lot of folks’ bucket lists! I also really love Chaco Canyon near the four corners – if you’ve never been there, you and K should go sometime! It’s really amazing to know there was such an advanced ancient civilization there.

  4. Oh, BaDaLing is one of my favorite stretches of the wall! It’s the one we went to most often. I like how it’s still in really great condition compared to some of the other stretches. :) I know what you mean about how unreal it is to walk on The Great Wall of CHINA!

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