A whole lotta nothin’.

Warning: there is absolutely no point or purpose to this blog post.

I miss sweets. I gave them up for Lent, as you may or may not know, and Easter simply can’t come fast enough. The chocolate cravings haven’t driven me into the fetal position yet, but I feel as though that could be in my future. The Girl Scout cookies (banished to the freezer in the garage) are taunting me. Not cool, cookies. Not cool. You do not get your “Be Nice To Amy Badge”.

Gummy multi-vitamins are my dessert these days. I get so excited in anticipation of vitamin time after dinner each evening. It’s like eating candy.

The silver lining is that I am remembering to take my vitamins in the first place. Normally I forget and stumble across a 3/4 full bottle of not-so-gummy fruit-shaped rock candy, months past the expiration date.

Do you pay close attention to expiration dates? I’m kind of in the ‘sniff it and check for mold’ school when it comes to food safety. “Use by” dates are more suggestion than rule. Much to K’s dismay.  Pretty sure he’s convinced that I’m going to get a nasty case of food poisoning someday. 

Why is it that I somehow attribute impossible capabilities to my ears when I curl my hair? It’s like suddenly I’m so afraid that they’re going to develop the ability to jump away from my head and attack the curling iron. I wince – waiting for it to happen.

When you’re eating something especially delicious, do you mentally prepare yourself to really appreciate and savor the last bite?  And then if you happen to eat that last bite without really paying attention to the fact that it’s the last bite, do you feel kind of cheated?  I do. 

And that’s all for now.  Good day to you, fine people. 

Share some of your random thoughts with me.  Please.  I’m begging you. 

A random blog post simply isn't complete without a random picture to really push it over the edge into an abyss of randomness.

A random blog post simply isn’t complete without a random picture to really push it over the edge into an abyss of complete and utter randomness.


7 thoughts on “A whole lotta nothin’.

  1. Gummy vitamins are the oxygen to my life…..Sometimes I take them twice a day instead of the old 0 times a day with those nasty horse pill vitamins! And I totally agree expiration dates, merely a suggestion!

  2. oh I hate it when I`m eating someting supergood and forgets to savor the last bite. Such a waste!
    I actually went 5 days without any sweets last week, got inspired by you! But… then the weekend came along and I made some french macaroons.. But now I know that I can go without sweets for more than one day.. haha, I sound like a sweetaholic! I like random posts like this! sometimes you just have ramble on about nothing and everything!:-)

  3. I am totally neurotic about expiration dates. I get a little mistrustful of the item a day or two before the day hits, and once the expiration arrives: trash. Actually, I don’t want anything discarded food items sitting in the bin in the garage for too long, so I banish all “old” food to a specified shelf in the fridge. Fresh food/take out/deli items older than five days goes to the “shelf,” too.

    Mike thinks I am totally crazy. He’s probably right.

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