Photo Friday Flashback. – Night Out in Stillwater January 2008.

Group shot girls 3

This picture makes me smile.  It was January 2008 and I had just returned to the US from living in China.  Four of the most wonderful girls in the world were able to drop whatever was going on in their lives at the time and meet me in Stillwater, Oklahoma (aka – the happiest place on Earth).  At our favorite bar, (The Copper Penny), with our favorite drink (limee), from left to right:  me (my hair was SO short), Tiffany, Lyndse, Sara, and Amy.

We all went to college together in Stillwater, but ironically, the main bonds we share today were formed after we had all graduated.  Amy lived next door to me in China for part of the year that I was there, so that’s where we became close.  There were connections, of course, through our years at school, but I think that this was the inaugural girls weekend that Lyndse, Sara, Tiffany, and I have tried to make a tradition of since.

This particular night was so much fun.  There were classic lines that we still quote today.

Like Lyndse – asking if someone working the drive thru line at Arby’s knew a mutual acquaintance “in the Biblical sense.”

Or Trey (our DD for the night and likely the photographer who capured all this awesomeness) – driving Sara’s car {which has heated seats-that’s important} and yelling at five girls who had been out at a bar all night, “Lyndse – your hair has plenty of volume!  Sara – your relationship is NOT over! Amy – I don’t care where we eat – just pick a place!  Tiffany – stop singing!  And WHY is my ass on FIRE?!”

In hindsight – this picture represents such an amazing combination of the past and the future.  It captures more than just that one second in time.  In Stillwater that night, we had no idea how strong our friendship would become.

Have you ever looked back on how a friendship has developed and been amazed at the way things fall into place despite time and distance and all of the other little complications that life throws in its way?


6 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Night Out in Stillwater January 2008.

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! You are spot on Stillwater is the happiest place on earth (Disneyland ain’t got nothin’ on the Penny!) and I made so many friends there and I would give almost anything to go back. I miss them all SO much!

  2. Haha…..he didn’t tell me to stop singing, he told me to stop yelling. I had nothing to say (which is rare) but everyone else was yelling about hair and where we should eat so I just started screaming, not even words. Turns out DD’s don’t like that. LOL. He was a trooper that night!

    I agree with you–looking back we had no idea the kind of friendships that were being formed. Thank God for them!

  3. absolutely. My little group of friends have been friends for 5 years, but we haven`t lived in the same city for over 3 years, but we make sure to meet up at least 3-4 times a year, spending a weekend together, and we also celebrate new year`s eve together. I love how you can be friends with someone, even though you don`t meet them every day, but when you first do meet up, it`s like no time has passed!

  4. What great memories! I moved around a lot as a kid (Dad worked in retail), so it was really hard to keep close friendships. However, with the wonderful Facebook, I’ve been able to reconnect and share memories with past friends!

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