Shop Your Closet Challenge – March – Week 1

Neighbor, Jessie, and I have committed to shopping our closets and wearing a different outfit each of the 20 work days in March.  So without further ado…I give you week 1.

Misc Pictures 007

Misc Pictures 006

Misc Pictures 005

Misc Pictures 004

Misc Pictures 008

Do you get to mix up your outfit selection through the week, or do you follow a strict dress code?


12 thoughts on “Shop Your Closet Challenge – March – Week 1

  1. CUTE! I wear jeans…..sometimes I make it all the way to a cute shirt instead of a hoodie! I need to do better so I can have cute outfits like you!!!

  2. You are SO cute and I LOVE your style!! I live in the same kind of clothes I swear. HA! It doesn’t help that at my last job I had a company shirt to wear so I just rotated like 9 of those.

  3. You are so fun!! What a great idea? So, no things worn more than once/month – is that how it works? I need to do something like this. I love how each day not only your outfit is different, but your entire look – you are beautiful!

  4. Awesome! I wish I had your style, I would never think of a lot of these outfits and they all come out looking so cute. I really love the white tights and the shoes you wore Friday – I wouldn’t have thought to put those together and they look so great together. You’re gorgeous!

  5. These are so cute and creative! I work from home, even though I used to work in an office, that kind of clothing has started to dwindle away in my closet. I do miss getting dressed up, though!

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