It was a pretty typical Friday evening in my world.  We picked up dinner from a local pizza-sandwich-salad place.  Which we do practically every Friday evening.  They know us.  We’re kind of a big deal.  My roast-beef-and-swiss-on-white-with-no-lettuce-onions-or-mustard-and-with-green-chile-added was as amazing as it always is.  If it’s not broke….


I love sleeping in.  Over the years, ‘ sleeping in’ has come to mean different things.  Funny how that happens.  During the work week, I’m at work no later than 7:00, so that means that on weekends, sleeping in until 7:00 is a treat.  Guess who woke up at around 6:08 wide-eyed and ready to start the day?  Ugh.  I was not impressed with myself. 

I think I was just excited for the day.  At around 10:00, K and I went to my cousin’s house to see her new baby.  Forgive the lack of pictures.  I was too busy holding that adorable little bundle of boy and playing blocks with his almost-two-year-old sister.  It was so nice to see their sweet family. 

Then it was off to ring shop.  Girls have it so much easier than guys when it comes to the ring part of this whole getting married thing.  First, the selection is far less overwhelming when it comes to rings for men.  Second, the prices – um, big difference.  Third, it’s perfectly appropriate for the guy to pick out his own ring so you know it’s one that he’s going to love.  None of that ‘I-hope-he-likes-it’ pressure that guys have to deal with when it comes to picking engagement rings without the bride-to-be’s okay. K found a ring he really liked, and we could check that one off the list.  My ring was easy to choose as well – I went with a band that perfectly matches my engagement ring.  I treated K to Pei Wei – the least I could do given the difference in the amounts we had each just paid for rings. 

Saturday evening we met some friends for dinner at a local restaurant.  Don’t you hate it when you’ve eaten somewhere before and you go back and order the same thing that you’d eaten the previous time you’d been to that place, forgetting that you didn’t really LOVE the food the first time around and guess what – nothing’s changed?  First world problems.  Regardless, the company was wonderful and it was a lovely dinner. 


Sunday was spent at home.  Except for that one part when we went to pick up breakfast burritos – me in sweats and a fleece and houseshoes.  Classy I know.  Don’t worry – it was a drive thru.  And the houseshoes have a hard sole so they’re practically regular shoes.  K had to work from home for a bit so I used that time to craft my brooch bouquet (how-to post to follow – like I’m an expert or something) while watching episode after episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix. 

I actually put on real clothes (and shoes!) for Sunday dinner with K’s parents.  Chicken souvlaki at a mediterranean place.  Sooooo good.  And I realized the meal tastes just as delicious with hot water and lemon as it does with diet coke [I gave up carbonated beverages for Lent.  And sweets – right as Girl Scout cookie season begins.  Well played, Girl Scouts.  Well played.]

How was your weekend?  Tell me what was sweet about it!


9 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Girls do have it easier when purchasing men’s wedding rings! My husband wanted an indestructible titanium ring that he found online. I think I paid $75 with inscription and shipping! Three and a half years later of never taking it off, and it still looks brand new–I guess he knew what he was talking about!

  2. how exciting to pick out wedding rings! when is the big day?
    My weekend was filled with taco night with friends, painting an entire apartment, and going for a long walk around town and taking pictures like a crazy tourist! :-)

  3. Oh, I am with you! I wake up at 5:45am for work so on the weekend I count it great when I sleep in till 7. ;) But like you, I way too often wake up at 6am bright eyed and ready to go, haha!

    And you’re right – girls do have it easier than boys with the wedding ring selection thing. Though to be totally honest… my husband and I picked out my ring together. I’m super picky about jewelry so I told him before we got engaged that I’d rather help pick out my own ring. I know, I know… it’s terrible and all that. But it was good for us. He proposed with a cute plastic ring and we went ring shopping that weekend. And wouldn’t you know…. he actually was the one who picked out the ring we ended up going with. ;) But yeah, price difference is still very real, ha!

    Also, I totally wear moccasins that were sold as house shoes out in the real world all the time. They have hard soles so I consider them outside wear. They are SO comfy, haha!

  4. I seriously went to the atm today in cozy socks. I figured I didn’t need shoes because I wasn’t going to get out of the car. The thought didn’t occur to me until I was halfway there that the atm might be broken. Luckily, this time it wasn’t. Oh yea, I live life on the edge.

    For some reason, my reader didn’t have the updated posts from your blog until today, which I got three. So I am catching up now. :)

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