Photo Friday Flashback. – Broncos vs. Bears.

Picture it…Denver…December 2011…K’s birthday weekend….


Misc Pictures 026

K is a Broncos fan.  For his birthday in 2011, his parents bought the four of us tickets to go see the Broncos play the Bears in Denver.  It was my first NFL game and it could not have been more perfect.  The Broncos came from behind in classic Tebow-time-style to tie it up and win in overtime.  They scored 10 points in the final two minutes of regular play to make it 10-all and then made a field goal to take the W in overtime.  Sooooo exciting!

Perfect birthday gift for a Broncos fan!

What the most exciting sporting event you’ve attended?


7 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Broncos vs. Bears.

  1. A baseball game between the now gone Montreal Expos and the Philadelphia Phillies. It was late in the season. Philadelphia needed the win to get to the finals as they were in world series contention. All of a sudden the man beside me handed me a note. It was from the late, great superstar Roberto Clemente. He wanted my name so he could give me a signed baseball. Yeah, we had great seats, just a couple of rows up from the visiting team dugout. Anyway, they went on to win that game and the world series. Roberto Clemente was killed in a plane crash on his way to a mercy mission on New Years Eve and I still have the baseball. And the memory.

    • Oops, I made a mistake. It was the Pittsburgh Pirates, not the Philadelphia Phillies. And the next season all the players wore black armbands to honour Clemente and they retired his number, 21.

  2. I love this picture! You’re so cute. Best sporting event…..I need two. No, three. First up, Bedlam 2011 when we beat OU 44-10 and rushed the field. It was seriously like magic in that stadium that night. Second, Fiesta Bowl. BCS Bowl game win in OT? I think so. Third, the two Notre Dame games….the first time was just the best experience and the second time was another crazy, OT win that ended with me on the field.

  3. I don’t watch sports on TV, but get me to a game and I will no doubt have a blast! EVEN if I don’t watch the game, just the atmosphere is a blast! I’ve been to a few pro games and they have all been so fun.

  4. What a fun series you have! I love your idea of Photo Flashback. :) The most exciting sports event I went to was with my hubby to watch a soccer game. I’m not a huge soccer fans but he was. I was so surprised I enjoyed it so much and possible more than he did. :P

  5. That looked like fun. I’ve been to a couple Rangers (baseball) games. One with the seat right behind home plate and another in a suite (my husband’s bosses are big baseball fans). Both were exciting! :)

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