Goin’ to the chapel – asking my bridesmaids.

I wanted to do something a little special when asking my bridesmaids if they’d be oh-so-kind as to stand next to me on the big day.  It didn’t go exactly as I planned since several of them (my sister, Tiffany, and Neighbor) all knew they’d be my choices.  So there was talk and countless emails discussing dresses and the like before I actually did my official ask.  Regardless, I found this was a good way to get word out once and for all on the plan for dresses and shoes. 

Last October, K and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to check out a potential destination wedding site.  We loved it and basically decided then and there that it would be the place we would say “I do.”  While we were there, I picked up a few postcards with the ask-the-bridesmaid plan in the far back corner of my mind. 

I wrote a postcard to each of my bridesmaids, asking them if they would do me the honor of serving that role and explaining the responsibilities (a mix of lighthearted and sweet-and-serious). 

I went to Home Depot (or maybe it was Lowes?) and gathered up a stack of paint chips.  A big one that had various shades of gray and black, a big one that had various shades of ivory and nude, and little ones that were shades of green, orange, purple, and teal. 

Once home, I wrote out details about what the ladies need to find for their bridesmaid dresses [each is going to choose a black dress that can have nude details if they so choose] on the gray to black paint chips.  Details about shoes [nude shoes of any variety – flats, heels, wedges] were shared on the ivory to nude paint chips (there was also a footnote about nude detailing on the dress on these paint chips).  Finally on the smaller paint chips I wrote little meet-the-bridesmaids notes. 

Misc Pictures 028

Stuff like how my sister is the most likely to make a sarcastic comment, but also most likely to cry on the actual wedding day. 

Misc Pictures 010

And how Tiffany is most likely to make an epic speech that brings the room to tears, and also most likely to know the bride’s deepest secrets but be too loyal to tell. 

Amy Tiff 2

And Shawna (Neighbor) is most likely to catch me before I do something stupid like walk out with my dress caught in my underwear, and the most likely to remain cool, calm, and collected through the day. 

October2010 026

And finally how Joy is most likely to regulate if anyone gets out of control at the reception, and also the most likely to provide comic relief and turn tears to laughter. 

Misc Pictures 014

I tied all those little “meet the bridesmaids” chips into a little book with some twine, and attached the dress and shoe chips with twine as well. 

The final question was delivery – cute little boxes or baskets?  Bags?  The answer came when I happened upon these adorable little make-up bags in Ann Taylor. 

Misc Pictures 030

I bought four different colors and put the appropriate postcard and paint chip sets in each.  I also included a check for each lady to help them out with the expense of the dress and the shoes.

Day 12 - Surprise

They all said yes.  Whew.  I’m so blessed to be marrying my dream-come-true kind of guy and have four dream-come-true kind of friends there to stand by my side. 

How did you ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding?  Or do you have plans for how you’ll ask someday?


11 thoughts on “Goin’ to the chapel – asking my bridesmaids.

  1. This is beyond perfect! I only had one bridesmaid and cannot remember how I asked her. It must have been special enough since she said yet.

  2. this is such a cute and thoughtful way to ask your brides-mates. Mine knew she’s going to be the one so I didn’t have to really “ask”. She lives overseas so I help her out with her plane ticket to get here for my big day. :)

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