Ode to the sopaipilla burger.

A few weeks ago I made the jaunt from my office to Casa de Benavidez for a business meeting. 


The lovely lady I met out that day had dined at CdB before and raved about the sopaipilla burger.  A beef patty, pinto beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomato – all nestled safe and snug between two fluffy pillows of air and flour and blanketed with a healthy dose of green or red chile.

CdB is onto something.  Sub out the hamburger buns for sopaipillas. 

The sopaipilla – fried bread that puffs up in a most delightful way.  You can almost forget that you’re eating fried carbs because there’s nothing but air in the middle.  So it can’t be THAT bad, am I right?  Oh it’s bad.  In the best possible way. 

image (1)

It was delicious.  The beef patty was not as substantial as I was expecting, but I think that was actually a good thing when it was coupled with the sopaipillas as bun substitutes. 

sop burger

At some point, I’m going to try to recreate this at home.  Will share pictures if I manage to take any before devouring.


8 thoughts on “Ode to the sopaipilla burger.

  1. Love Casa de Benavidez and actually Montana’s stepsister is married to the family that owns it and they sell their chile and salsa in jars now, we always like to have it around because it is so yummy.

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