The weekend was mighty sweet and worthy of a sweekend update.  Let’s start with Friday evening, when I did something I very rarely do.


I went to a bar.  There was a red dirt country band playing at a local “saloon” and Tiffany wanted to see them play.  So K and I headed out and got there around 8:00.  Early.  So early, in fact, that the line dancing lesson had just ended and we ran into my cousin and his wife, who had been learning some line dancin’ boot scootin’ moves.  We made it through the two warm up bands, danced a handful of times, took some pictures to prove we’d been there,

image (1)



and left at around 11:00, shortly after the headliners had taken the stage.  What gets me every time I go to the bar is how LOUD it is.  Do they have to play the music at that volume?  All in all a good time though – and I managed to take in some vitamin C with a screwdriver or two. 


Saturday included luncheon fundraiser for a children’s grief counseling center non-profit that provides guidance to youth and families who have lost a parent or loved one.  Several of the children who had been positively impacted by the work that the center is able to do spoke to the luncheon attendees.  Talk about tear-jerkers.  I was especially affected by the brother and sister who talked about losing both of their parents in an explosion on Father’s Day.  Many of you know that I lost my father on Father’s Day in 2011, so I felt a connection to them for that alone.  Then the thought that these two innocent little kids lost both parents on a day that is intended to be a time of celebration shook me to my core.  I’m going to look into becoming a volunteer at the grief center – they do amazing work. 

After that heavy, emotional lunch, I decompressed at home with a cup of peppermint hot chocolate with a shot of espresso and my comfy red robe. 


image (2)

And then is was time for a dinner celebrating the donors and volunteers who support a local private high school, which K graduated from over a decade ago.  It was a wonderful event.  The venue a gorgeous, refurbished mansion and the food – so delicious.  My favorite was the martini mashed potato bar.  Mashed potatoes, a selection of toppings (chives, cheese, butter, sour cream), served up in martini glasses.  Lovely presentation. 


Sunday morning breakfast with my great-aunt and uncle and the line dancing cousin and cousin-in-law from Friday night.  We call ourselves the breakfast crew and there are always some entertaining quotes that K and I repeat regularly and crack ourselves up at the memory.  Family is precious. 

After breakfast, there was some serious wedding planning.  We have lists within lists that cross-reference other lists.  Everything is coming together swimmingly. 

I finished a wonderful book that I started last weekend: 

image (3)

My good friend Sara A. recommended this one to me a long time ago, and she was right – it’s touching.  If you read and enjoyed The Help, you’ll love this one.  The Dry Grass of August by Anna Jean Mayhew. 

Sunday night dinner with my future in-laws rounded out the weekend.

How was your weekend?  Tell me about it!


6 thoughts on “Sweekend

  1. If this book is like The Help, I’m adding it to my list!

    I feel some strange sort of pride and accomplishment when my photo is on your blog. :) Thanks for coming out this weekend. Sorry for any permanent ear damage!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I can’t imagine what those kids have gone through losing both parents like that. I think it would be really cool if you were able to help out with the grief counseling. I’m sure it would be hard at times, but also so rewarding.

  3. sounds like you had a pretty eventful weekend! For me it was a weekend filled with coffeeshops, friends who´d moved back to Norway, Family I hadnt seen in years, and a trip to the Gym.

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