Photo Friday Flashback. – Bay to Breakers.

I’m going to attempt a series of sorts.

Someday, our great-grandchildren will be all, “I found my great grandma’s blog today,” rather than the, “I found my great grandma’s diary,” that we would say today.  And a blog is protected from rain and fire and the elements that a paper diary could be exposed to, so it’s more likely to remain intact.  {Unless everything crashes.  Which could happen.  But what a sad thought, so let’s not think it.}  I like the idea of documenting life – everything from what I wear and what I eat to the deeper stuff like my relationships and my thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

My Photo Friday Flashback series is going to salute some of my many awesome  past experiences by showing a photo and telling the story behind it. There will be no rhyme or reason or order. I’ll simply flip through my archived photos each week and choose a memory that jumps out at me.

If you are looking for a post idea on any random day, join in with a photo and memory that you want to share.  And be sure to leave me a comment so I can check it out!

And now enough chattering on and on and so forth.  A photo!  A memory!


B2B 1

Each May, there’s this 12K race-of-fun in San Francisco from the bay to the ocean.  The name:  Bay to Breakers.  This picture was taken at the 99th annual Bay to Breakers run in 2010.

My BFF and college roommate, Tiffany, lived in San Francisco in the summer of 2008.  She set a goal to participate in a Bay to Breakers run, and two years later, we made the trip back there together to check that one off the list.

This run is amazing.  First of all, the scenery – gorgeous.  San Francisco is such a magical city.  Second, it is so. much. fun.  The course is lined 10 deep in some spots with people cheering on the participants and partying at 9 AM.  And there are naked people.  Running.  A lot of them.  In fact, this photo was taken right after we spotted our first naked runner.  By the end, you’re all, “Eh, another naked person.  *Yawn*”  But in the beginning, it’s shocking and definitely worthy of the following dialogue:

Tiff:  There’s a naked person!!  {As said naked person sprints past us.}

Me:  Go, go!  Follow him – get a picture!  I’ll catch up.

I’m not sure now exactly WHY we were so excited to photograph a nude runner.  I guess we were just swept up in the moment.

We ran the whole thing.  Including the hill.  I’m telling you, as a non-runner, this is the best race in the world to do.  People watching will get you through those 12 kilometers.

Part of the reason that this photo jumped out at me as the perfect inaugural Photo Friday Flashback is because Tiff is never one to turn down an opportunity for excitement.  Her life is so full of life.  And she’s about to embark on another adventure – even more exciting than Bay to Breakers, if you can imagine that.  She’s moving out-of-state to start her dream job.  Even though it takes her a plane ride away from me compared to the 4 mile drive I’d make now to see her, I couldn’t be more excited or proud.  She’s a rockstar.

"If you're going to San Francisco, don't forget to wear flowers in your hair...."

“If you’re going to San Francisco, don’t forget to wear flowers in your hair….”

So here’s to Tiff and her next big adventure.  {May it have fewer naked people than Bay to Breakers.} 


6 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Bay to Breakers.

  1. May it have fewer naked people…unless they are really good looking and wearing cowboy hats. :)

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement during this time of transition.

    And we seriously must do B2B again. Seriously.

  2. Yikes! I don’t know what I would’ve done if a naked person had run past me, haha! Glad you guys had fun with it, though. And hopefully our blogs will still be around when our kids and grandkids are old enough to read them! That would be such fun. :)

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