Stripes and boots.

There’s this girl.  I call her Neighbor.  We work together, with just a wall between us (hence the name “Neighbor”).  She’s one of my absolute favs.  When you count the hours, we practically spend more time together than we do with our significant others. Every day we share jokes and the typical workplace annoyances with just the exchange of a LOOK.  You know the LOOK.  The one you give someone who you know can read your thoughts at that moment.  That’s how Neighbor and I are.  We get each other. 

In my world, she’s such a blessing. 

And today, completely by accident, we came to work dressed practically identical.  But each with our own style – black is her trademark color, and I gravitate toward earthy tones. 

Striped shirt – check; open draping cardigan – check; jeans – check; boots – check. 

Stripes and boots

Do you have a “Neighbor”? 


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