This past weekend was simply heaven.  It was the best non-birthday birthday a girl could ask for.

I should back up.

In early January (on my real birthday), K gifted me with a trip to Phoenix and tickets to see Brian Regan perform.

Do you know Brian Regan?  He’s a comedian – hilarious.  And not raunchy or inappropriate in the least, which I appreciate.  My favorite bit…

So back to my non-birthday birthday weekend.  I hopped on a flight Saturday morning and landed in a lovely 70 degree climate.  K picked me up at PHX {he had been there for a couple of days with his dad for their annual father-son Suns game adventure}, and we made our way to the casa of Joy and Todd.

The welcoming committee was there to greet us.


And it was off to lunch at Kierland.  We sat on the patio at North and I devoured a funghi pizza.  {I somehow resisted the urge to tell the ol’ “mushroom walks into a bar and when the bartender won’t serve him, asks why not – he’s a funghi”.  Until now.  I could resist no more.}  We walked off the lunch (or at least a quarter of a slice) by meandering over to the Westin Kierland, where I worked in the summer of 2006.  Gorgeous resort and it brought back memories to walk the grounds and lobby.

Back to Joy and Todd’s, where it was definitely naptime and the perfect opportunity to relax and catch up with an old friend.

Dinner.  Oh dinner.  Chelsea’s Kitchen.  If you are ever in the Phoenix area, find a Chelsea’s Kitchen.  They don’t take reservations, but we went early enough to get right into a table.  And I dove right into a Prickly Pear Margarita.  Mmm – the salt and tang of a margarita, “pear-ed” (haha) with the sweet prickly pear nectar.

image (2)

I had the Surf & Turf taco platter and may I just say that angels began to sing when I bit into that first perfect taco.  Lobster – steak – a fresh, warm, homemade corn tortilla – a dab of smooth guacomole.

image (3)

Words simply can’t do justice to the deliciousness.  Go there. Try it.  Let the angels sing to you.  K’s short ribs taco platter, Joy’s Hong Kong fish, and Todd’s chicken were all raved about too, so I have a feeling you simply can’t go wrong at Chelsea’s Kitchen.

image (1)

And then – the main event!  K and I made our way downtown and joined the {had to be} 10,000 plus at the theatre.  Comedian’s are a great show to attend – everyone is happy and ready to laugh a lot.  Brian (I feel like we would be on a first name basis if he knew that I existed) lived up to and even exceeded my expectations.  We laughed until our sides hurt – building some ab muscle, one joke at a time.

image (4)

[K done did goooooood with the birthday gifts.  Last year he flew me to Denver to see Wicked, this year it was Phoenix to see Brian Regan. I hope he realizes how high he’s setting the birthday gift bar for himself.]

Late night s’mores in the backyard firepit when we arrived back at our lovely accomodations.  AND they made us pancakes and turkey bacon on Sunday morning before we made the trip back to airport.

Typcial Sunday afternoon grocery store run when we got home.  Which turned out to be not smart since it took place mere hours before kickoff for the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, we dropped in at two parties and I ate my weight in queso, French fries, chips, ribs, wings, and these awesome little mini cherry pies.  Is anyone else regretting their game time food consumption?  No?  Just me?  Oh well.

How was your sweekend?  Tell me what made it sweet.


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