Recently on Instagram…

I love me some Instagram.  Those filters make me feel like I’m a world class photographer.

So there’s this photo a day prompt list that Fat Mum Slim puts together each month.  It inspired a good number of these photos.  My goal was to follow the prompt each day for the month of January.  I failed.  Win some, lose some.

Here are a few of my favs…

Day 2 – Something New — My $3 Humbug shirt from Target. No way could I wait until next Christmas to wear it.

Day 4 – The View From Here

Day 8 – Something Beginning With ‘T’ – Tights!

Day 9 – Paper — Wedding invites.

Day 11 – Water — Backyard waterfall on a chilly winter day.

Day 14 – Something Yellow — Lovely flowers that were given to my Neighbor

Day 15 – An Ordinary Moment — Beyond blessed to have this as my ordinary.

Day 16 – Two Things — The two cutest little polydactyly paws in the world.

Day 17 – Ready — Mushroom garlic risotto (recipe courtesy of The Londoner) and dinner is ready

Day 18 – Shadow — My profile in shadow form

Day 19 – Delicious — Threw together the few provisions in the house and it actually turned out quite delicious.

Day 22 – Corner — Reading corners are my favorite kind of corners.

Day 24 – Stripes — Stars and stripes, baby.

Day 27 – Sun — Fading into shadows.

Do you Instagram?  Find me.  amyb_003


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