How to make a pennant banner.

I could say that people have been begging me to share how I made the pennant banner for K.’s birthday.  That the media has been lined up outside my door for weeks now, flashes flashing, microphones pointed, begging for a how to on the creation of a pennant banner.  That Martha Stewart has been calling, pleading with me to come on her show, or at the very least, write an article for the next issue of her magazine (Martha, really, I just couldn’t possibly fit it into my schedule right now.)


But thosewould be lies. And I do prefer to not lie. So I’ll just tell the truth: this post is to prove that once upon a time, I was successfully crafty. Someday, probably in the not-so-distant future, I will be sitting, surrounded by the scraps, ruins, and remains of a disastrous DIY, and I’ll be able to remember the pennant success. And it will maybe give me the courage and strength to move on.


  • Enough paper to spell out the message (Happy birthday! is 14 sheets) – I knew I wanted to use blue and white striped paper because K loves blue and white stripes, but all stripes was too busy (and, more importantly, there weren’t 14 sheets of blue and white striped at Michael’s)
  • Stencils or stick on letters to spell out the message on the paper
  • A paint marker in the color you want the letters to be (only necessary if you’re using stencils)
  • A one-hole hole punch
  • Scissors with a fun design (optional – plain scissors will obviously cut the paper just as well)
  • Ribbon or twine (I used twine to add a bit of manliness to the pennant banner. Which is a sentence that has probably never been uttered in the history of utterances.)
  • A piece of scrap paper to draw out a template pennant
  • Ruler
  • Pen/pencil
  • Regular scissors


1. On scrap paper, use the ruler and pen/pencil to draw a triangle the size you want each pennant.  Cut it out with the regular scissors. 

2. Trace the pennant on each sheet of the fancy pennant paper. 

Misc Pictures 018

3. Cut out each pennant (I found the pretty design scissors to be especially forgiving of my tracing mishaps where the pen went flying all crazy out of control and such – a mind of its own, I tell ya.)

Misc Pictures 019

4. Stick or stencil letters, one for each pennant slice. I stenciled, using one of those paint markers to fill in the letter.

5. Use the one-hole hole punch to punch two holes in each pennant, in the bottom of the triangle part (which will be the top of the pennant).

6.  Thread the ribbon or twine through the holes to spell out the message that you are conveying. 

Misc Pictures 047

7. I tied loops at each end of twine for each of the two words and then hung the banner by the loops on those clever little “Damage Free Hanging” hooks fastened to two pillars near our entryway. 

Misc Pictures 048

So easy and so easily customized for whatever you’re celebrating! 

And now the paparazzi will stop hounding me (“Amy, how did you make it?  Amy, you’re so crafty!  Share your how-to!”).


4 thoughts on “How to make a pennant banner.

  1. I’d say you’re insanely and wonderfully crafty, because without this tutorial, I’d NEVER be able to pull this off. Thank you, my friend. I think I’ll do something along these lines for Valentine’s Day (not that I’m thinking that far ahead … yet.) :)

  2. I have always, always, always wanted to make one of these!!! You will be featured on my blog, when I do finally make one (now that you’ve shown me the instructions and deserve every bit of credit for helping me find out how these projects are done). AND I’m pinning this, so I don’t forget! HA, ha. Thanks for sharing!

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