Me and My Neighbor – Shop Your Closet Challenge (Days 11-15)

Day 11:

Day 11 mon

I don’t love how short boots look on me.  But I do love the boots themselves.  So there are some real mixed emotions with this look. 

Day 12:

Day 12 tues

I love my Minnie pants from J.Crew.  They’re comfy, they’re stylish, and they’re flattering. I also love this sweater dress, which was a gift from my sister for Christmas last year.  We have complete opposite taste in clothes, so she picked it out with the ol’ “Would I ever wear this? — No.” rationale.  And it worked.

Day 13:

Day 13 wed

I firmly believe that there are few things in this world as wonderful as the concept of layering clothes.  And these particular Hydraulic jeans.  Because I love those.

Day 13 hair

And this was how I styled my hair on green-sweater-over-blue-and-white-striped-shirt day.  Braids are my go-to on unwashed hair days. 

Day 14:

Day 14 thurs

This scarf is one of my favorites.  I think it was from Wet Seal.  Neighbor, correct me if I’m wrong on that.  She (Neighbor) has one exactly like it.  She also has a pair of the jeans that I’m wearing in this picture.  And she has an identical purple shirt as well.  These were all items in our Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Halloween costumes a few years ago. 

Day 15:

Day 15

Stripes Day.  My wonderful neighbor gave me this infinity scarf for Christmas, and I opened it on this particular day when I was wearing the striped shirt.  And the day will therefore be known as Stripes Day.  Not quite a national holiday, but worth celebrating nonetheless.


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