Me and My Neighbor – Shop Your Closet Challenge (Days 6-10)

Day 6:

Note to Self:
This jacket does not photograph well.

Yes, the jacket.  I think it’s cute in person. Or maybe people were just feeling sorry for the girl in the neon jacket and wanted to offer compliments to help her self-esteem? Can’t see the boots, but they are my black Bearpaws. I’m too cheap to plump for Uggs. Especially when I live in a state where the daytime temperature rarely dips below 35 degrees.

Day 7:

Misc Pictures 052

This was the work version of the outfit.

A black blazer is always a good decision.  And pearls.  Pearls = winner.

Misc Pictures 053

And the after-work-dinner-in-a-fancy-steakhouse version.

I love this dress.  It was an Ideeli find.  The white socks really work well with the white strip through the waist.  I use such technical terms, I know.  This could totally be a fashion blog.

Day 8:

Misc Pictures 067

I am not an ASU or USC fan. I just like the pairing of maroon and mustard.

I love my new mustard flats (also from Ideeli).  And the chunky brown scarf really adds some texture.  I’m just on a roll with the technical fashion terms today, now aren’t I?

Day 9:

Misc Pictures 068

I received many, “You look like Christmas,” comments on this particular day. I suppose there are worse things.

My red Domino skinnies (again, from Ideeli) and a turquoise top were an unlikely pair.  Until I noticed that this multi-colored scarf contained both shades of red and turquoise.  The shoes are from Ideeli, but just to prove that not all my clothes come from the world of that website, the cardigan is from Target.  Does anyone else want to buy cardigans in every color when they go to Target? 

Day 10:

Misc Pictures 069

I work in a construction company and two of my manly men co-workers complimented the cloth flower as I walked in the front door Friday morning. Boys can appreciate nice accessorizing too.

I love how accessories can dress up a simple outfit.  Sweater, jeans, and boots.  Add a cloth flower pin and a Brighton heart necklace and the outfit is, if not memorable, interesting.

And that’s the week.  Neighbor and I were talking and decided we own too many clothes for this to be much of a challenge.  Next month we’re thinking of choosing specific pieces (example:  three pair of jeans, four skirts, two dresses, and ten shirts/sweaters/cardigans) and only wearing those for the month.  It would force us to be creative in how we coordinate the pieces.  How many pieces in the different categories would be enough though? 



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