My Neighbor and Me – Shop Your Closet Challenge (Day 4 & Day 5)

I’m going to begin posting outfits a week at a time.  I feel like I’m pretending to be some kind of fashion blog when there are daily clothes posts.  The main objective for posting these outfits is so I don’t forget what I’ve already worn.  And so I can make fun of my own awkward poses.  You know.  Oh, you know. 

Day 4:

Misc Pictures 030

My Neighbor ( looked sooooooo nice on the day that I chose to wear my Airwalks (circa Fall 2006), Seven jeans, and a shirt that is forever almost in the “Donate” pile when I play closet cleaning.  The reason it always manages to keep a hanger?  I tell myself that someday, in the distant future, it will make a great maternity shirt.  Am I the only one to save clothes “just-in-case”?  I hope not. 


Day 5:

Misc Pictures 038

I did promise you awkward poses.  You.are.welcome.  Why, you ask?  I own a lot of jeans.  And now I know exactly which pair this is due to the type and placement of the back pockets. 

[Quick kudos to my job – I adore being able to wear jeans to work every day should I so choose.]

On this particular day, I also attempted to mix patterns.  While I think this combo of polka dots and stripes works fine, it’s not a fad I particularly love. 


And that’s all, folks.


Comment! Please! I love comments like macaroni loves cheese.

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