Take Two.

Well, hello there, blog. I’m sorry I abandoned you for like a year. It wasn’t you – it was me. It was all just moving too fast. And I know I shouldn’t just come waltzing back into your life like this, but I’ve missed you. Forgive me? Can we try this again?

I’m typing a relationship reconciliation conversation to my blog. Yeah, that’s not weird.

For real though. I’m going to try to do this again. And maybe we’ll break up and it will be one of those dramatic relationships that everyone gets sick of hearing about. Whatev. It’s my blog and I’ll break up with it anytime I want.

But in the meantime…. Take two.



2 thoughts on “Take Two.

  1. I’m glad you’re back. I will be following! Please don’t dump your blog again (it’s a very needy blog, can’t live without you).

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