A few days ago, I coined a word. 

There I was, typing along, and the ring finger on my left hand had a little episode and stuck an ‘s’ at the front of the word ‘weekend.’ Silly finger, thought I, as my right pinky got a workout – backspace backspace backspace.  And then I realized.  Sweet.  Weekend.  Weekends are sweet.  Therefore they are sweekends

I know, I know.  Nobel Peace Prize, here I come. 

My sweekend plans include:

  • A couple of BarreFusion classes
  • A nap or two
  • Possible grill time if the alleged 60 degree weather doesn’t disappoint 

Potluck today.  I slaved over a hot stove early this morning (after hitting the snooze button once or twice for an hour) and made Sesame Asparagus in about 15 minutes.  Easy peasy.  Recipe: 


Pretty.  Simple.  And healthy. 

What does this sweekend hold for you?


6 thoughts on “Sweekend

  1. Thank you for slaving over the stove this morning. Tough, tough work. The asparagus was spactacular! I could’ve finished off the plate, but decided to prove to myself that I have some self control. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful sweekend and I will tell you all about my photography class on Monday!

  2. My sweekend? Well, a real good friend of mine broke up with a long term girlfriend recently. He said he needed a mens day, which translates into go-kart racing (which seems a little inconsistent with us all being in our mid-thirties, but it’s his breakup so I’m not going to judge). And Sunday? Mass, probably some work, and (hopefully) doing something for dinner involving chicken breast and avocado. And scoping out something massage-and-cocktail oriented in south Louisiana for my wife for Valentines day!

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