Groundhog Day

Spring flowers? Yes, please.

I’m hoping it’s cloudy today and that little guy doesn’t see his shadow. Spring is allowed to arrive as soon as possible here in my zip code.

Aren’t the Groundhog Day rules a little counterintuitive? A cloudy day means spring will arrive soon; a sunny day means winter will stick around. It’s like buying when the market is down.

In other news, tomorrow I’ll be doing a fitness circuit for a health and wellness challenge at work. Running for 20 minutes, then 8 minutes to do as many push-ups, pull-ups, and dips as possible. With these guns?

Don't worry - I have a license.

I just hope he can count high enough. Might have to use more than one finger. Maybe. If I eat my Wheaties. And if I don’t fall off the treadmill during the running portion. No promises.  Saturday could be very, very painful.

Two questions:

Are you ready for spring? 

Any tips for me on how to magically gain the strength to do a massive number of pull-ups?


8 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Yes, I am very ready for spring and longer day’s. I would love to be able to run outside afterwork! I’m just not a fan of running in the darkness by my lonesome self (I have watched to many lifetime movies you know), so I have been subjected to the treadmill.

    As for magically building muscles in a couple of day’s. I am out on definite solutions, but maybe try getting a good protein level in the day prior. Also, eat a protein packed breakfast prior to your challenge… Not sure if that will help, but I’ve hear protein is a good natural muscle builder…

  2. Now how does this game work… you have 8 minutes and get to pick which exercises you do during that time, or is it like 2 minutes for each one? Because my advice would be do more sit ups and less pull ups. I read somewhere that pullups are the hardest exercise for women because of how our muscles are built.

    Good call on the protein–I don’t know about being stronger, but I know that if I include protein in my breakfast, I’m not hungry near as soon as if I don’t!


    • Just noticed the line here about loving comments like macaroni loves cheese. LOVE it!

      Yes….competitive strategy is my specialty. :) I think that the best approach is to start off with the one that you are the best at. You don’t want to waste precious energy and muscle fiber doing something that you are not good at. If I were you, I’d start with either push ups or dips. Push ups hurt my wrist, so I’d do dips, then when I couldn’t do those, I’d go to pushups. I’d wait until the end to do the pullups because the odds of me doing those are slim to none. Of course, you’re the one witih the guns, so you can probably just rock them all out and this is useless and unnecessary planning.


  3. T minus 105 minutes and you will be using those large muscles of yours to show off your skillz. I know you will do great, and remember, your limits are 1, 28, & 42. :)

    Your Neighbor

  4. Well, my only recommendation for working out (and this comes from the days when I went to the gym regularly and looked less like the Michelin Man than I do now) is to do weights and pull ups when you’re at least partially drunk. What you lose in co-ordination you get back in indifference to pain!

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