Current Obsessions

1. The Hunger Games. Yes, I may be the last person in the world to jump on this bandwagon. But I’m loving this book so much that I want to DRIVE the bandwagon. How am I supposed to work and sleep and carry on a normal existence when all I really want to do is read?

I'm on Chapter 7. She just shot the apple out of the pig's mouth. Girl has mad awesome skills.

2. The Gossip Girls Health & Fitness Goal-for-the-Day. Three of the best friends a girl could ever have and I have developed a plan for taking a small step each day toward health and wellbeing. Today’s goal: no sweets!

3. Barre Classes. A nice mix of ballet, pilates, strength training, and cardio. The guns are totally intimidating anyway, so just wait until I have a few more weeks of classes behind me. Tonight: spin class.

4. The newest episode of Pan Am that is patiently waiting for me in the On Demand world. And speaking of TV – Mad Men season 5 commences on March 25. Get excited.

Sometimes I have this craving for adventure…for trips to distant places…for more…for something extraordinary. And every once in awhile that craving is satisfied, which is good. But for the everyday, it really is the little things. Nothing earth shattering – just the day-to-day life stuff. And it’s exactly enough.

What are you obsessed with today?


7 thoughts on “Current Obsessions


    Go there! Go there now! I am obsessed with this blog. And now obsessed with redoing our bedroom. And bathroom. And my office/craft room. And that old rocking chair. And my husband’s gun case (?) seriously. Love it.

  2. OMG..I love the Hunger Games…I am currently reading the second book, Girl on Fire and it’s not as good as the first but still very supsensful. I tell you, I could not put the Hunger Games down, I read it in like two days! LOVE IT! Can’t wait for the movie.

    I wish I had a pure barre class. Thinking about getting back into kickboxing and spinning!


  3. Okay. I’m obsessed with my reading nook. Seriously. Last night I stayed up late just to read and sit there. LOVE it. I’m also obsessed with spinning. And our eating healthy pact. And scarves paired with pencil skirts. Two days in a row I’ve worn that combo. Tomorrow, I might make it three!


  4. I just heard about these books yesterday. I am so going to download the first one on Speed’s I Pad tonight along with my book club book that I have our first meeting with in two weeks and I have not even downloaded it yet. OMG I have so much to get started on this weekend! Also, I just heard from our media reps last night that Pan Am is ending :( I am so sad I love this show, but apparently there are only a few episodes left.


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