Testing, testing….

I’m still figuring this whole blogging thing out. Now that I know a few people are reading this [hi guys], it has taken on a whole new spin. There are a few things I’m thinking now:

1 – Posting everyday or even with any sense of consistency will probably never happen.
2 – I’m having a hard time finding a “voice”. Do I want to be funny? Serious? Talk about what’s going on in everyday life? Steer away from specifics and blog only in a broad, general sense?
3 – Who do I share this with? When do I share it? And how?

Hmm, overanalyze much?

FYI – I’m trying out the QuickPress feature on the ol’ Dashboard, which I think is intended for short posts, not long, completely pointless diatribes. Oops.

Also – there’s this little button that says, “Add Poll.” So let’s test that out. Drumroll, please….

PS – RE: the poll topic. What can I say? It was the first thing that came to mind.


3 thoughts on “Testing, testing….

  1. Love the poll topic! It is so you! Well considering I’m not a blogger I am no help to answering your questions. As an outsider I would say just blog what you feel and what comes to you. I really enjoyed your first few posts, so stick with that thought process.


  2. Fist off, I think you should just be you. Becuase you’re brilliant and awesome and insightful whether you’re being funny or informative or serious. Second, Love the poll. And I love that three people have voted (my guess is the three Gossip Girls) and we all voted for something different!! Ha!


  3. I love your blog my darling! I think you should just blog whatever you heart desires and blog whenever your heart desires. I just like reading about you, no specific topic or anything!


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