Like a foggy meadow, there’s limited visibility in a new year. But one thing is clear:  it’s going to be beautiful.

I’m not too big on setting New Year’s resolutions.  If I realize on January 2 or December 31 or any time in between that there is something I should or should not do, why wait until that shiny ball drops to change? 

That being said, there is something exciting about a new year – a fresh start.  As my birthday is just after New Year’s, each January is a double-whammy of a new chapter.  How do I want this year – 2012 and my 27th – to be written?

  • I want to be healthy – physically fit, eating food that is good for me, and balanced in my personal, professional, and mental well-being.
  • I want to be more patient.  With the people I love (who, let’s face it, are always the first to feel the brunt of a bad day), with the people who call or stop by at work when I’m right in the middle of what my mind has deemed the-most-important-thing-in-the-world (even though it’s not), with the slow walkers in the mall.  Life doesn’t need to move at the speed I seem to think it needs to move.  Stop and smell the lavender (I’d rather smell lavender than roses). 

And that’s what I’m going to focus on this year.  I won’t be perfect in my pursuit of those things, but I can be better than I was in 2011.  Which is enough.

What do you want your 2012 to look like?


4 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. And this is why you are destined to be an amazing blogger. This blog, right here. The first two sentences, in particular.

    What do I want my year to look like….I don’t know. I want it to be exciting and adventurous. I want to spend time doing things for me–a Bible study, a running group, reading more. And I want to spend time focusing on being thankful.


    • Haha… favorite training ever was when you and I were running for B2B back in 2010! Anytime you want to run, you just let me know. Even if sometimes you pull an “Okay…maybe” on me! :)

  2. First I would like to say that I love your blog!

    Second, what do I want my year to look like???? Well, I would like to succeed in having a healthy lifestyle from food, to exercise, and to the people I choose to associate with (ie. you are a perfect start to that) :) I would like to accomplish my goal of a half marathon (or maybe I should start small with a 10K and work up to a half for 2013)… I’m sure there will be more wants as the year rolls on, but these are what I am currently focused in on.


  3. I am behind on commenting! For some reason, I couldn’t find your blog after I thought I followed it. Oopsie.

    I want to have a happy, healthy, successful in love and career, adventuresous year!


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